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taking salami back to Japan 2008/8/29 11:24
My cousin is visiting the US from Japan with his family and would like to take back some salami to Japan.

Is this possible?
by mp  

... 2008/8/29 11:38
I too crave non-Japanese salami and have looked into this as well. I've found that it is difficult if not impossible to do legally for the average traveller.

Theoretically if it contains no beef (salami is usually made mostly of pork but some contain beef), has a made for export sticker on it, and Japanese Customs accepts that sticker then you can bring it in. The only setback is finding made for export salami to buy.

I have found a solution though. I buy online from a US butcher based in Japan:


Its not my preferred brand but it satisfies my craving.
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. 2008/8/29 13:16

If he did try to take back salami that was not allowed, and it was discovered in his suitcase, would there be any other consequences other than having it confiscated?
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... 2008/8/29 13:29
I have no idea, but be aware that there are scent dogs patrolling Narita baggage claim. Why risk it when you can buy what you're looking for in Japan?
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salami 2008/8/29 18:16
Did you ever see that movie with Sofia Loren? She went to the USA with a huge salami and they didn't allowed her to enter the country. She stayed for a long time in a transit lounge trying to convince the customs guys to let her in. Eventually she ate the whole thing and they let her in.
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