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Is Funabashi area a nice place to live? 2008/8/30 16:23
I'm an American looking to move to Funabashi area. I want to be close to Tokyo, without being in Tokyo (I want a large apartment and need office space too, so Tokyo is out of the question I think). Is Funabashi an ok place to live? I heard Ichikawa is close and the surfing is ok there. Would love to hear what people think of the area.
Thanks a bunch.
by John  

Funabashi 2008/8/31 08:24
It is a dormitory suburb of Tokyo, actually totally indistnguishable from the nearby parts of Tokyo in most ways. The difference between the price of a large apartment in Funabashi wouldn't be a lot less than in north-eastern Tokyo I would imagine, as it is still very close to Tokyo.

Funabashi is well served by various train lines and it's easy to get to and from the airport.

The neighbouring city Ichikawa isn't on the coast- it is actually closer to Tokyo than Funabashi and the southern part of it is right on Tokyo Bay- the surfing isn't good there, as you can probably imagine! You may be thinking of Ichikawa prefecture on the other side of Japan. If you go east to the coast from Funabashi there are some okay beaches with reasonable surf, Onjuku for example.
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Funa 2008/8/31 17:21
Funabashi's an alright place to live...depending on what your in to. To me, it's a bit too quiet. I am actually trying to move into Tokyo, possibly the Edogawa region. I think I might find life a bit more fun there. However, Funabashi is by all means a major city and you can find everything you need here...it's just that little happens outside of the main street. Good luck bro.
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. 2008/8/31 19:04
I agree Funabashi is just a large suburban area of Tokyo in Chiba, its close to Tokyo so its pretty much indistinguishable from any of the other areas close to Tokyo, I would imagine the prices and size of places available to live in Funabashi wouldn't be too much different from that of Tokyo considering its proximity.

As for is it an OK place, it appears to be your average Tokyo suburban area.

So I guess it would be OK if you find a good price for a place. Also research Western Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa if you are looking for something close to Central Tokyo but not in Central Tokyo.

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