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Birthday Gift for Girl 2008/8/30 21:56

My japanese friend's birthday is coming up. I'm currently in U.S so I want to send her a gift from here in the mail.

Any recommendations, she is japanese?
I know her well, but it seems hard to find a gift for her^^

Is there anything that japanese girls especially like? and that can be sent easily in air-mail.
by pillowness  

How old? 2008/8/31 08:30
You didn't mention how old she's going to be, it might make a difference.

I'm not J but from a girl's perspective pretty earrings or hair accessories (like jewelled hair pins or clips) are small, easy to post and generally well-received.
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oh 2008/8/31 08:35
she will be 21 years old.

earrings would be quite expensive, and i dont think she wears them... also her hair is worn straight down ^^

she has interest in old buildings and traditional things like that
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If she likes traditional things 2008/8/31 15:20
How about a photo book of traditional things from your country? Or a tiny trational ornament that you can afford?
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flowers are allways good 2008/9/1 03:35
I would looking for a flower shop where you can order flowers in Japan.......I would be very happy If my american friend would send me could also send more with it.....I like the idea with the photobook......but I think only you really know what makes she happy......because I donLt know her......or what she like....

hope I could help you
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hmm 2008/9/1 05:54
thank you for your suggestions. They helped me ^^

I think flowers will 'die' so perhaps I could send flowers and another thing... that way the memory could last longer ^^
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DIY 2008/9/1 13:26
Accessories are very difficult to become her favourite.
How about taking photos of your city and putting captions each of them? Flowers will die of course, but they in a photo lasts long.
Even if you think they're not interesting stuff, she'll get into its exoticism.
It takes time though...
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Antiques? 2008/9/6 06:30
Hi there,

I also like old buildings and traditional stuff. You might browse a few antique stores for something small and old that you could get her. It would be very thoughtful. For instance, I myself love painted porcelain dresser boxes. They are small and affordable and sweetly personal. These are the things that ladies used to keep their hair combs and pins, brooches, earrings, rings, etc.--you name it. That's just an example of a small, affordable antique that you could get her. You said she doesn't really wear jewelry or do anything special with her hair, but she could use something like that to put her coins in or little keepsakes like pretty stones and seashells. Or just have it as decoration.

Hope that helps! Good luck!
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Antique things 2008/9/6 06:39
Other ideas for small, affordable, antique things:

1. Bud vase--it's a really small vase big enough to hold a single flower. Bud vases are really cute and collectible.

2. Vintage embroidery--ladies used to embroider tapestries to cover their chair cushions. You can often find these just by themselves and not attached to any furniture. They look really nice when they're hung on the wall. Or find some hand-embroidered or hand-painted ladies handkerchiefs--those look very nice framed or laid on a dresser, and they're lightweight and inexpensive to ship.

3. My mom loves tea cup and saucer sets. My sister gets her a couple of different antique tea cups with matching saucer every birthday. It's really cute and interesting and visually pleasing to look in a cupboard and see a variety of antique or vintage tea cups. I imagine your girlfriend likes her tea, so she would think of you whenever she drinks tea from one of the pretty, antique tea cups you send her.

Just wanted to give you a few more ideas...
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