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Japanese guitars vs others 2008/8/31 10:54
Can anyone tell me the main pros and cons for *electric* guitars? I'm going to Japan soon and interested in getting something like an Epiphone Les Paul since its cheaper there than here(australia). But what Japanese guitars would you recommend for similar price(around $600 at most)?

by Chikk  

Bacchus Universe Series 2008/9/1 02:20
Some of the Epiphones are made in Korea or China. In the largest Japanese internet forum 2ch, the ''Bacchus Universe'' series are said to be the best cost-performance electric guitars and basses, which are designed by a Japanese guitar atelier and crafted in China. The atelier is going to start ''Bacchus Global'' series which would be made in Vietnam. The price range of Strat types are from 25000 to 50000 Japanese yen, and Les Paul types are around 60000. They also have 4- and 5-string electric basses. While it is in Japanese, you may check their products out at http://bacchusdo.com/. I suppose the ones made in Japan might not be available less than 100 thousand Japanese yen. Good luck.
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Bacchus Global Series 2008/9/1 03:25
Sorry, Chikk. The Bacchus Global series would be made in the Philippines, not Vietnam.
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Thanks!! 2008/9/1 16:28
Thanks for your help Kazz! I've heard of Bacchus only once before, and never knew they make Les Pauls. Looking at the site, I love what I'm seeing. They look a lot less 'cheap' than an Epiphone in that they look more serious but really gorgeous(though the uneven wood in the centre of the body where the two pieces meet does bug me a bit haha). The prices are nice too. Can you suggest any negative aspects of a Bacchus Les Paul? I've seen people complain that the Epiphone begins to have buzz after a bit of play, but it overall lasts a long time. How does Bacchus compare to it?
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2 Major Cons 2008/9/1 23:20
Hi, Chikk! I see two major complaints made by the people who bought Les Paul models. The first problem is a kind that might be critical for you. The thickness of the neck tends to be thin so that it has totally different shape from the original Gibson's. I think it is an arrangement for Japanese players who may have small palms. So, I recommend you to try playing several guitars before you purchase. You know it is the most important thing when you get a musical instrument. Then, the second problem comes arise. Sometimes, it is very hard to find the Bacchus Universe Les Pauls in guitar shops. If you are planning to visit Akihabara in Tokyo, visit Ikebe (http://www.ikebe-gakki.com/index.php) in Akihabara, and Kurosawa (http://www.kurosawagakki.com/) in Ochanomizu. While I cannot garantee those shops always stock Bacchus Universe, chances to touch them might be greater. Finally, I should tell you one more thing. While the neck might be thin, I could not find any complaint on problems around the neck or truss rod, such as curvature. Have a good shopping!
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An Idea 2008/9/2 00:26
Let's regard the uneven matching of the woods at the top center is a proof for the fact that it is not a graphic film.

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Wow 2008/9/2 06:17
This is actually better for me (the thin neck) as I've always had trouble moving around thicker or even regular necks. I was always curious about whether Japanese guitars were made specific to be more comfortable for the Japanese, so I'm glad to know they are. :]

Thanks again for all your help!

If anyone has anything extra to add, please feel free.
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more Bacchus Universe Questions 2008/12/29 00:01
I've been trying to research the Bacchus Universe series for about a year. Information in English is scarce. This site has answered the neck profile question. Here are two more questions I have.

* How is the tone vs. Gibson Les Paul?
* How consistent are the quality of the colors on the tops? On some sites, the BLS 700 has an amazing flamed top and on others the flame is there but the finish is boring.
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$600 2008/12/29 00:43
600$ USD or AUD? if it's AUD you will be buying an indonesian or maybe korean guitar. if it's 600$ USD you can get a japan made fender, ibanez or any other brand.

sorry i don't know much about bacchus guitars. you cannot make judgments about paint quality on guitars. every guitar is individual in that respect - some will have a good finish and some will not. some will sound great and some will not. that's why it's a bad idea to buy a guitar online (plus it can get damaged in shipping, or a guitar that sounded great in the shop will be warped or something by the time it reaches you and sound terrible).

japanese made fenders and ibanez guitars are fantastic.
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