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Buying a gift for my wife 2008/8/31 12:06
Hi, I am going to Japan and wanted to know weather it was approprate for a man to buy lingerie from stores?
by jasonc  

In Japan 2008/8/31 22:30
You have every right to do so, you will most likely be treated fairly, it is not common, and I'm not sure what one would call "appropriate".
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Size 2008/9/1 00:31
Be sure that you have the proper size as I believe that Japanese sizes differ from "western ones". Have you considered pearls? also as a side you may wish to consider customs fees for import or export, can't help you there. Also Hi Uco, hows everything in yokohama? Still have that plastic flower ?
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... 2008/9/1 11:16
(I think) a man buying a lady's underwears for gift is not usual. It'll be OK if you'd act a gentleman. You're not Japanese so they perhaps think it's a difference of gift-culture.
BTW you're not buying a Brassiere, are you? Buying it without trying is inconvenient.
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OT 2008/9/1 18:01
Hi Peter. Yokohama is having sunny days and flooding nights. Actually, I may have lost my flower if you're talking about the one from Honmoku, but it's always in my heart.
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Uco 2008/9/2 00:57
New Hampshire was rainy all summer but now is bright and clear. The trees are starting to change and it will be a wonderful fall. Yes, I was refering to the plastic flower that you picked up out side of the old Seaside club in Honmoku.
Today I am remember going to the Nogiama Zoo, there was a stone bench and there was a small bronze statue of a little dead bird. Many people had touched the statue and it was shiny in places. I was so taken by this that it was a sad moment for me that I never forgot. It had to do with the delacicy of life. Anyway, I have always wondered if there was a story behind this statue, If you happen to know, I would like to find out. Following your posts, your advice id flawless [ joke is on me ]
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