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How can I cash a check from the US? 2008/8/31 18:23

I've recieved two personal checks from my family in the United States and would like to cash them.

Is there any options? Even if they charge a fee? Or any services online that cashes checks??

by nancy  

... 2008/8/31 21:33
As far as I know, cashing US personal or corporate checks in Japan is next to impossible - I have heard that the Japanese banks need to send them back through their corresponding bank in the US to clear the check first, then you can receive the money, which could take a few months, and I don't know about the fees...

The best thing for you to do is to forget about the check, tell your family that you cannot cash checks in Japan, and ask your family to go and get "International Postal Money Order" in the amount they want to send you, and send you those instead. (Please note that this is not "money order" you see in US, nor "postal money order" which can be cashed only within US, but "International Postal Money Order.) When you receive them, you take them to a post office to cash them. (Note that since postal services in Japan got privatized recently, their fee structures *might* have changed slightly.)

I think other people, for sending money, recommend some online places like GoLloyds, but maybe those only work with UK or Australia, I do not know.
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