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Japanese light fixtures and TV plugs 2008/8/31 21:59
OK...so I moved into a new 'mansion' with my fiancee, and we've been trying to figure out how to get light in 2 of our rooms...at least I'm assuming what is on the roof are fixtures since I've heard some apartments don't come with any.

Anyway, this is what we have on the ceiling:



Also I was wondering about the TV plugs in Japan. I remember when I lived here before, I needed one wire with small cylinder ends that plugged into the TV and one into the wall plug with the round hole. Now I had purchased a TV from a second hand store and had them deliver to my house. When I told them which room to move it into they looked around and said there was no plug for the TV, which I soon realized as well. Soon after he corrected himself and said, oh wait, no, there it is, and pointed at a a part in the wall with a plug and some weird little flap thing. Now he was an old man, and maybe he was just pulling my leg or something (or maybe didn't want to move the TV again lol?) but I don't think you can get TV from this (sorry the pic is side ways):


We later bought an antenna, but it works terribly!

Please help :(
by Veronica  

... 2008/9/1 12:36
As for TV, I am sure that this is not a plug for TV antenna. (This is where you connect "ground wire" to prevent electric shock, possibly of air conditioner as I can see the duct hole below.)
It is very strange that "mansion" rooms do not have a TV antenna plug. Have you searched all the rooms? There should be at least 1 antenna plug in your unit (probably in the living room).

As for light fixtures, I've never seen this type before though it looks somewhat similar to what we have. It seems as if the part/attachment of the light is left behind on top of the regular ceiling fixture.
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Light fixtures 2008/9/1 13:28

The ceiling light fitting in your photos already has the remains of someone's light still attached - unless you have already attached this yourself? Just rotate the whole thing to unscrew it. You may have to squeeze the green lugs, but I'm not sure. If that unit is not something you have attached yourself, you can throw it away.
You should be left with a standard ceiling socket into which you can plug any ceiling light.

The wall socket is not for a TV, it is just a mains outlet with a screw for an earth lead for use with washing machines or air conditioners (or PCs). The TV aerial socket will be circular.
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. 2008/9/1 14:59
Just want to add photos to Dave's reply.

(1) Light
This page shows four different types of the "standard ceiling socket" Dave mentioned in his post.

(2) TV
"The TV aerial socket will be circular. "
This is the socket for TV.
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Thank you guys! 2008/9/2 19:10
Thank you everyone!!! You saved us from the darkness :) We found the sockets and are off to buy our light bulbs!!! Thanks for the pictures Alma, they helped a ton!
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