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Gifts for Japanese hosts from the USA 2008/9/1 11:19
I want to bring gifts from the US for our middle-aged business hosts and for blueberry farmers we will be visiting. We received wonderful gifts from our future hosts in the past when we were visited in the States, such as a Japanese camera, a paper fan, bags made of Japanese fabric, etc.
by Eva  

Gifts 2008/9/2 06:47
Guess that most people are stumped because they know Japan but not the USA. If you have been to your Japanese host home you may know his/his family tastes or hobbies. You could bring typical US candies or food from your town/region (no canned meat though..re customs) or a picture book, again from your region. Gifts are actually stressful for both the giver and receiver.. Since I was 12 I have convinced family and friends to make a wish list of several items from cheap to expensive..Even at work we ask retirees what they want. Doesn't help you does it? does he likes music? how about DVDs about your region/ country instead of a picture book?
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GIFTS 2008/9/3 04:47
Last year we went to Japan to meet my husbands family for the 1st time. We took the ladies hand made soap from a local vendor and gave the guys golf balls with our city on it. We also gave them some good ol american choc. The ladies looooved the soap and the guys liked theirs as well. Try taking over jelly / jams / honey made in your area. If they are like most they will be very appreicative no matter what the cost / item is.
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All time favorite gift! 2008/9/4 04:49
I have worked with Japanese researchers for years and when we made our first trip to Japan in 2001 to install a big microscope, we were faced with the problem of what to bring as gifts for our research friends but also for hotel staff, the cab driver, and others. We somehow discovered that you cannot get maple sugar candy in Japan and since the Japaneses idea of what is sweet is about 7 notches below our "sweet index", we decided to bring dozens and dozens of 1 ounce Vermont Maple Leaves. We quickly discovered that these were coveted and greatly enjoyed by all persons who received them.

Bob K
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YES Maple sugar candies 2008/9/8 02:30
Robert is correct. When I lived in Japan many years ago my family sent us maple sugar "leaves" from Vermont. I gave some of these to Japanese friends who absolutely LOVED them. One man even ordered more from the Vermont Country store or wherever. They do get a little soft in hot weather, don't know if this is a problem. Another gift that I used was JFK 1/2 dollar peices. But i was careful that this was not used as a tip or as "payment" which I thought might be mis construed.
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