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last will and testament? 2008/9/2 00:17
hi...i have a tricky question about giving a permanent visa in japan...i have a friend that is married to a japanese guy.
shes only 29 and the japanese guy is about 50..theyve been married almost 3 years...they talked about the last will and testament of his husband and she said, she dont need the money instead he let her wife stay in japan permanent after he die...the question is...is it possible that the last will and testament of the husband is that her wife will permanently stay in japan?....before i forgot the wife is not a japanese...thanks...thank you very much.
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Hi... 2008/9/2 11:29
Hi... I suggest you have your friends go speak to an immigration attorney about this issue. I'm not sure that posing the question to an online forum is the best place to get answers. You also didn't include vital info such as which country your friend is from and why she wants to stay in Japan permanently (ie. for work?)
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No lawyer here, but as far as I know, 2008/9/2 12:19
Going by the "usual" criteria for applicants for Permanent Residency status, if they live in Japan together (with your friend on the Spouse visa) for five years or longer, she should be able to apply for Permanent Residency status. (For those who live in Japan on work visa, it is normally 10 years, but those on Spouse visa become eligible after 5 years.)

This is not a guarantee - but Immigration seems to consider that if a married couple live in Japan that long, the non-Japanese spouse should be given the right to stay here for good, even if circumstances change.
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