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Residency & National Health Insurance 2008/9/2 00:38
I recently obtained a Japanese Passport (my Father is American and my mother is Japanese) and I am currently in Japan staying with some relatives.
I plan on getting my own place and I'm just wondering what additional paperwork (if any) do I need to find a place to live, register at the city hall, and ultimately register with the national health insurance.

Thanks alot everyone!

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NHI 2008/9/2 13:00
When I registered at the city hall for the first time, I needed to show them the entry stamp on my passport. I also had my koseki touhon but I'm not sure if I actually needed that.
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. 2008/9/2 14:30
Considering the OP is technically Japanese, I don't think they would need to produce a entry stamp, since well they're Japanese, they don't get stamps.

You Entered Japan with your Japanese passport correct?

I would ask your current relatives right now what they did, you don't need to register as a foreign resident, because you're not a foreign resident. But I would ask the city hall for the exact documentation you might need.
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Jerry is correct 2008/9/2 15:46
Actually Jerry is correct, Japanese passport holders get a stamp every time they enter and leave the country. That stamp is really important especially for new passport holders because they need to know when you moved to Japan (entered the country) and they also used that date to assess nenkin payments (at least for me).

Like Jerry said, just you need your passport when you go, the address of your koseki-touhon, and tell them that you've moved back to Japan and would now like to establish a jyuminhyo there (not transfer because you've never lived in Japan as a Japanese national)
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hmm. 2008/9/3 13:56
Well I entered Japan with a Japanese passport and I brought with me my koseki tohon.

I heard that I may need an additional document called a Koseki Fuhyo. I talked to my mother about it and she has never heard of it. If it exists what is it and do I need it for the National Insurance.

I'm mostly worried about what I need to apply for the National Health Insurance.
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As I 2008/9/3 14:05
As I posted earlier, all you need is your passport and the address of your koseki, nothing else. When you go to your city government (kuyakusho, shiyakusho, etc.), all you need to do is tell them you want to establish a jyuminhyo there and sign up for health care at the same time. They're probably going to call the city government of your koseki to confirm that it is indeed established there and that's about it.

It's not very complicated at all! Took me about 10 minutes in total, excluding the bloody time waiting in line.
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And by the way 2008/9/3 14:08
Having both your passport and copy of your koseki is almost completely useless and repetitive considering that they're both used as proof that you're indeed a Japanese citizen. Just your passport is enough.

Either way, just go to your city government and they'll guide you from there. As long as you speak Japanese, there should be no problem at all whatsoever.
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... 2008/9/3 14:24

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