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Seeking for a good divorce lawyer! 2008/9/2 11:54
Me and my husband got married in Taiwan 6 years ago, he is from the UK and I m from Taiwan.We have been lived in Japan for 6 years, both of us want to get divorce in Japan. The problme here is that he is not cooperated with the settlement and trying to kick me out from my flat, he also trying to make my work in hell ( we work in the same company). I have been trying to get a good legal adviser to help me to sort out the case, but before i get out anything from them, they ask me to pay a big money on the front. I feel like I m not getting any help here and feel really helpless. Do you know any good legal advice who can provide me a good suggestion for my case but charging me the big money? p.s'' i have paid some legal adviser for getting some suggestions, but no use at all''.
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options 2008/9/3 02:04
Have you checked with the Taiwanese consulate? Also, try contacting TELL or seeking help at your local ward office.

However, I really don't think it is in your best interests to get divorced in Japan. The law in the UK would be much more favorable to you in a divorce situation. Please take a look at this website:

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Seeking a good divorce lawyer 2008/9/4 09:26
Hi Tilt,
Thank you for your suggestion. I have asked couple of legal adviser. Most of them asked me to go back to Taiwan to get a lawyer, however, if I do take the legal action in Taiwan, he could refused to go back, ( according to the lawyer in Taiwan) , there is no way that i can force him to go to Taiwanese court. I understand the UK law will be the best solution for me, however, for the cost to hire a UK lawyer , time consuming. I do want to have a lawyer in japan who knows both family laws and I can communicate locally.
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I wonder 2008/9/4 15:14
Have you checked if it is actually necessary for him to return to Taiwan? It may not be.
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looking for a good divorce lawyer 2008/9/5 09:51
If i decide to take legal action to aganist him, he will have to apper to the court.
Can he actually kick me out from the flat i m staying now? The housing contract is with company tho.
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