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PS3 games in English in Tokyo? 2008/9/2 18:45
Tokyo 23-ku
Where can I buy games for PlayStation 3 in English in Tokyo? Used ones are better, but anything will do. Since Japanese are translating even American/European games, I found it pretty hard to find anything... I've seen PS3 games in English only in one shop so far...and with pretty high price tags.

Thank you.
by .Den  

? 2008/9/9 02:32
No one has any need for English game software...? O_o
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.. 2008/9/9 04:46
You should try searching "PS3 Eigoban" or p. It means that it's English version in Japanese.
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Nope 2008/9/9 10:32
Nope, not need for English versions of PS3 games here. If you're that desperate, just buy them off Amazon.com and have them ship it to you.
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game 2008/9/9 10:36
Akihabara has a few, go straight from the station past Club Sega. Game Hollywood and some other place next to it. The games are much more expensive, but it's your best option outside of ordering from the Internet.
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online 2008/9/9 11:20
If you have a credit card, you can order online from play-asia.com. Shipping to Japan is free and the prices are extremely reasonable!
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. 2008/9/9 19:39
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. 2008/9/11 23:33
Alright, thanks to all of you!
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PS3 English Support List 2011/3/28 14:52
Bookmark this site and confer to it if you're looking to get a PS3 game in Japan.
Red = no English
Green = partial English
Blue = 100% bilingual


It is also constantly being updated by the users so new games are always being added.
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