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cancellation of PRV 2008/9/4 01:47
i am married with my japanese husband for 15 years, but 4 years ago i left him with my son, and decided to live alone. now i asked him for a divorce since we are not living together anymore. but he's telling me if we are going to divorce he will cancel my permanent resident visa, and send me back to my country, is this possible? please help me.
by marianne  

PRV 2008/9/4 07:42

If you have a permament resident visa, it is indeed permanent and your marital status is irrelevant, so there is nothing your husband or anyone can do to revoke it.
Note that if you have a spouse visa, it would technically become invalid once you divorce. Maybe that is what your husband was confusing it with.
So if you definitely have a permanent resident visa, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
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PRV 2008/9/4 07:58
dave, thank you, now i'm relieved with my worries, but my other problem is he doesn't like to sign our divorce paper,either him doesn't like to keep our marriage.but he doesn't like the divorce.how can i divorce him?
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