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Canon Powershot TX1 Camera 2008/9/4 09:06
I am going to Osaka, Japan in October. I can purchase the Canon Powershot TX1 for around $300-$350 online here in Australia. Could somebody please tell me whether it would be cheaper to wait and buy in Japan, or buy now for that price? Thanks. Yvonne.
by Yvonne  

old 2008/9/5 12:31
The TXi is a very old model, and now rare in Japan. It's around 36,000yen (about $400AUD)
I saw it about 6 months back for about 22,000.
Is there a particular reason you want THAT camera? The special feature of the TX1 is the shape & the video, but the video uses HUGE amounts of memory, compared to other cameras.
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TX1 2008/9/5 16:01
Hey Sandy, thanks for the info. I am aware that the TX1 chews a lot of memory, however it seems the only one around that has it's small compact size, and both a digital still and video capabilities without the expense and size of a camcorder? Any ideas you can suggest as an alternative? Thanks again. Yvonne.
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. 2008/9/5 17:12
Take a look at the new Sony T500:


The optical zoom is not as great, but overall is a better camera/cam.

Side by side comparison:

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Sony DSC-T500 2008/9/5 18:06
Hey Rob, thanks heaps for your info. Would you know if this particular camera is available in Japan at the moment and for how much???? Websites in Australia see it being around $400. Appreciate your feedback.Cheers...Yvonne.
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. 2008/9/5 20:04
Bic Camera have it listed at 49,140 Yen.
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. 2008/9/5 20:11
Just checked the exchange rate and it works out at about A$545. As well as the price, you should also buy in Australia because buying in Japan usually only gives you a Japanese warranty.
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