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Addressing to Japan? 2008/9/4 09:20
hi, i tried to find an answer for this here, but didnt see any -- could you all please help me out?

i want to send a parcel with gifts to my penpal in Japan from the USA. i'm bad in japanese and he's bad in english, so getting the correct address format is a bit difficult! i see examples on the web, but the addresses seem different than what he is giving me. i have this from him (i will use X instead of the actual number to refrain from posting his address here :D ). i know he lives in a big building, not a house...

#xxx xx-x yasuda
onoe-cho, --shi, --ken
postcode: xxx-xxxx

does this look right?
because first i have to write the entire address on the box myself, so i need to know what goes on each line. then i have to fill out a customs form, so what goes in which box?

i've got boxes for:
State or Province
Postcode (i know this)
Country (this is obvious)

i hate to ask here, but ive asked him a couple of times and he just seems confused and has given me a couple of different formats! i would hate for the parcel to get lost because of a mistake.

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. 2008/9/4 21:41
In reality, as long as the Postal Code, and address is correct, the format doesn't matter that much, the Post Office will figure it all out.

Just remember JAPAN at the bottom.

"shi" means city
ken-is analogous to Provence or State.

#xxx xx-x yasuda is street address

That should pretty much cover everything on US customs and US mailing forms.

Of course you got postal code and country already.
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. 2008/9/4 21:43
onoe-cho can fit into the "street address" portion when filling out the customs form.

I have stuff sent to me from the states all the time, so it usually works out almost exactly in the format you listed.
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How to read address 2008/9/4 22:19
I was told that most small streets in Japan do not have a physical address. Is that true? also, I don't really get how to read the address in Japan. Most countries like USA have 11xxx Anywhere street, Los Angeles, California, USA.
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thanks 2008/9/5 01:16
great, thank you so much!!!
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