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About Long Term Resident Visa. 2008/9/4 11:00
Friends, I am a foreigner in this country.I am from Bangladesh. I was married with a Bangladeshi guy who have Long Term Resident Visa. So as he was my guarantor I have Long Term Resident Visa too. The thing is last year we made divorce. I still have 3 months left for the deadline of my visa. This should be notice that I am working here and the owner of my khaisha/company is ready to be my guarantor. If I ask for the next extension what will be the answer?
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... 2008/9/5 09:05
I am not a laywer, but
This page lists all the different types of visa - so your now divorced husband was a "Long Term Resident," and you were there also as "Long Term Resident"? Or was he "Permanent Resident" and you were "Spouse of Permanent Resident"?

In any case, now that you cannot rely on being the spouse of a long-term or permanent resident, your employer will have to sponsor you for a work-permitting visa for you. I think it is likely that it is not going to be a renewal, but a change of status. The exact type of visa would depend on the type of work you do.
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