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Shipping Electronics outside of Japan 2008/9/5 01:48
Laptops, Games (some games) and other Electronic Stuffs. I really dont know why they dont ship it out of Japan.

I wanted to buy the Asus EEE (Japanese version) in Yodobashi, Akihabara but didnt had enough money. After I came back home, I tried ebay.com and amazon.co.jp.

''We are sorry, but we can not ship this Item outside Japan''

The US and Europe also sells Asus EEE. The only difference to the Japanese one is, that it is in '' Japanese ''....so I really am confused :(

Probably the only way:
Go to Japan, buy it there and take it back with you.

Or does somebody know why?
by Kage  

Shipping abroad 2008/9/6 16:34
Or does somebody know why?
Amazon.co.uk doesn't ship electronics outside of the UK and neither does Amazon.com ship electronics outside of the US, for example, and therefore I don't think it is a restriction imposed by Japanese companies but is probably due to insurance and guarantee issues. Is my guess.
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