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hakkoryu schools in tokyo? 2008/9/6 12:47
I'm interested in Judo as a martial art and Hakkoryu Jujutsu. Are their any hakkoryu schools that a non hakkoryu hombu member can train at in tokyo? Any nonsport Judo schools? Any hakkoryu near Kodokan ?

My age is 57 and I'm not interested in sport judo!
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hakkoryu 2008/9/7 11:58

I do not live in Tokyo but I did a quick search and found one class being held once a week at Nihon Terebi Bunka Center:

Here is the site:


The class meets on Mon evenings. Tuition is a little expensive, but I've found this to be the case with most traditional Japanese jujutsu classes.

I have found in my experience that classes held at gyms/centers tend to be more friendly than something you would find at a dedicated dojo.

There is a list of qualified hakkoryu instructors on the official hakkoryu website:

Have you considered other forms of jujutsu? For example, daitoryu aikijujutsu is relatively popular and I think it would be easier to find a daitoryu class in Tokyo than a hakkoryu class.

I actually really wanted to learn hakkoryu myself, but the options are very limited because there are few teachers.

As for Judo, if you want a non sport class, I would suggest looking at sports centers, etc. But I will warn you that in my experience all Judo classes I have attended have had sparring as a regular part of their curriculum.
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