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Least amount of earthquakes? 2008/9/6 15:21
I'm doing some research on Japan when it comes to earthquakes, so I would like to know where in Japan has the least amount of earthquakes?
by Sherisse  

... 2008/9/7 10:53
Most of Kyushu, most of Chugoku and large areas of northern Kanto and the Tohoku regions have a very low risk of experiencing a strong earthquake within the next 30 years.

The areas with the highest risk is the Pacific coast line, especially around Shizuoka, Nagoya, the Kii Peninsula, southern Shikoku, the Tokyo area and the eastern tip of Hokkaido around Nemuro.

Then again, the risk of a large earthquake on the Noto Peninsula was estimated to be very low, but a strong earthquake hit the area last year.

Basically you never know.
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; ) 2008/9/7 12:24
Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu *^_^*
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Tohoku earthquake-prone recently 2008/9/7 20:00
And a number of large earthquakes have hit the eastern Tohoku area over the last year, including one this summer, so you may want to cross that area off your list of places that aren't likely to be hit by large quakes.

Really you never know. Kobe was another area where quakes had previously been relatively rare, and look what happened there. If you want to live in Japan, you have to take your chances, and look more at the kind of building you live in and earthquake preparedness.
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tohoku 2008/9/7 20:34
tohoku might be one of the safer places to live for the next decade. generally once the earth's crust has gotten a few big earthquakes out of its system (relieved the stress of sliding tectonic plates) the earth will remain pretty stable for a long period of time until enough stress builds up to cause more quakes.

that's why everyone rumors about a giant kanto quake, because there hasn't been a big quake in kanto for so long, the built up stress at the fault line must be unimaginable. when it snaps, people predict an enormous quake that will level the entire kanto region. kind of freaky. i want to move now. hah!
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Repeat quakes 2008/9/7 21:06
But the Iwate/Miyagi area has had three fairly large quakes in the last year, and Niigata had 2 devastating quakes within a few years of each other- I really don't think it's possible to think that just because there was an earthquake last year in a particular area, there won't be another one any time soon.
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USGS 2008/9/8 12:32
You might want to try this USGS site for starters.
It's a seismic hazard map for Japan. Surf around the USGS Earthquake site and you should be able to get a good idea where most of the action is or isn't. Pretty much all of Japan is prone to earthquakes. However, I would say that the Ryukyu's, especially the island of Okinawa has fewer earthquakes, especially in intensity. My son and his wife have lived on Okinawa for 3 years and have felt exactly 1 earthquake. But then, I lived in Norther California for 3 years and never felt any quakes. Doesn't mean there weren't any, I just didn't feel them. Ok, enough rambling, good luck with your project.
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Re; Least amount of earthquakes 2008/9/8 12:45
Wow, all of the info that was kindly given to me was very helpful, especially the website. Thank you very much *^_^* everyone! Take care ; ).
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