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Spouse visa 2008/9/6 19:00

My husband is American, and we got his spouse visa a few months ago. He's been looking for a job and now got unhappy news. The news was very surprising for me, and I still can't get it's true or not. (By the way, I've done all paper works for his visa so I thought I knew a lot about those things.)

He had interviewed for a job today and was informed that he can't work more than 20 hours a month(!) because he has spouse visa. What I had understood was people who have spouce visa can work with no limitation ( just like Japanese citizen, so I was really shocked. I really hope the interviewer misunderstood or confused with other visa.

If anybody knows about this, please let me know.
by J-wife  

... 2008/9/7 11:03
A regular spouse visa allows the holder to engage in any profession without work hour limitations.

I suspect that the interviewer must confuse the "spouse visa" (spouse of a Japanese national) with a "dependent visa" (spouse of a foreign resident in Japan). The latter does not allow paid activities unless you get special permission from the immigration office to work up to 20 hours per week.
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To Uji 2008/9/7 15:46
Thank you, Uji!

Yes, that's what I had understood till my husband had an interview this Saturday. My guess now is they were confused with `dependent visa` (because there are lots of spouses of foreign resident working at the school) as you said, maybe this is the way of their saying `No, we are not interested in hiring your husband.` or maybe they don't want to cover his health insurance and penssion.

Anyway, I'll aks them about this matter again because they said my husband can't work more than 20 hours a week at any place.

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they are lying/confused 2008/9/7 17:03
If your husband has a spouse visa, then he can work any job, any hours. I have a spousal visa through my wife and I certainly work more than 20 hours a week.

From what I have been told, companies must provide benefits for those employees working 30+ hours a week. So I don't think they are just trying to avoid paying benefits.

However, I don't like to assume the worst in people, so they might have just misunderstood the situation.
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To Al 2008/9/8 07:08
Thank you Al!

I also got the same answer as yours from a Japanese wife who is married to a foreigner.

I don't want to suspect they were lying either. The interview itself was very good, and they understand our situation very much. I really hope they were just confused with other visa.

I have sent an email to the interviewer about this matter. If we don't hear from them, that proves they were just lying and there's no worth to work for them.
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