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Softbank texting to states 2008/9/7 15:17
I got a 822P model softbank phone, and its a prepaid. i have the unlimited texting plan and buy min when need, but everytime i try to text to the states they never get it, but i receive theirs just fine. and i get a message that i cannot read when i try to use the email one and they still dont get it. does anyone know how to send a text to the states successfully?
by KP  

Softbank 2008/9/8 15:26
When you say, unlimited text, are you referring to unlimited SMS and email to ONLY fellow Softbank users? Receiving mail/SMS from anybody on your phone is free but not to send...
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another question 2008/9/8 16:21
well, is there an option that i am able to send those messages back to the states? if so would i be able to put that on my plan for a reasonable amount?
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. 2008/9/8 18:03
International Messaging Service is not available for Prepaid Handsets.

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Don't know... 2008/9/8 18:30
Don't know if this fits in at all with your situation, but 2 years ago I had AU. To send text to eachother you had some address you had to set up like: example@ezweb.ne.jp
then I found out my boyfriends server back home. He had cingular, so by checking their website, I realized I could send him text in a similar fashion. for example his was ##########@cingularme.com
through this, I sent him text messages all the time for free. I don't know about softbank, but I am going to sign up with them in about 2 weeks or so...so it would be nice to know. If you set up an e-mail with softbank, like I did with AU to text message friends, then you can text any one back home. All you have to do is find out their address as well. Good Luck!
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it works! 2008/12/22 19:45
I have the same phone and plan and I can text my family back home. They have verizon so i just send it to their phone number @vtext.com. You should have an 'email' like address to, it should be something @ softbank.ne.jp.
Hope it works for you! :)
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