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foreign video games stores in Nagoya? 2008/9/7 20:55

When I moved to Japan I brought my American Xbox 360 with me. However, I want to get rid of it now. It's too annoying to have to import games to play on it, and I would rather play games in Japanese anyway for the practice.

I really don't want to deal with Yahoo Auctions, etc. It would be nice if I could just take the system to a store and sell it. So does anyone know of any stores in Nagoya that deal in foreign video games? I know that there are some in Tokyo but it would be prohibitively expensive to go all the way there just to sell my Xbox!!
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. 2008/9/8 16:14

Q: Are there any shops in Nagoya that deal with import console games?
A: There is a CD shop near (east) Akamon entrance in Osu that is selling maniac items.

Or you can sell your games to online shops. e.g.

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thanks! 2008/9/8 22:35
Thank you, I will look into these stores.
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