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start living together... 2008/9/8 02:23
Recenty with my gf we have a one problem, we are now in long distance relationship, she is Japanese and Ifm European, not native English speaker.
Now we try to make better plan for our future and planning our life together( like year and half or two years from now), for beginning in Japan, and after maybe in my country too.
The best option for us is I get job in Japan at fist, working and after marry.. but seems soo difficult to find job, as I said Ifm not native English speaker, soo cant be English teacher and also with my nationality cant have a working holiday visa too.
My Japanese is still limited too, but I keep study everyday.
Soo I really like to hear some experience of the people who have a lover in Japan, and how they start their life there, did maybe find job at first, or maybe marry first and after working, or any suggestion is soo welcome too.
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mnhhh 2008/9/8 13:35
first of all must say the cultural differences are really big and i dont think is a good idea to start living together before you even meet her in person for at least a year. not saying japanese are bad, on the contrary i love them but they are very hard to understand, girls especially you might have a hard time. 2nd jobs here are not hard to find unless you want only the cream of the crop, what i mean is there are many jobs if you are willing to do anything. i myself am a university student but im working in a factory making obento because the only times i can work long hours are at night. finding a job as an english teacher might be hard (but not impossible) because the first thing they ask you when you are applying is if english is your first language or not....
i advice you to come to japan for a while first, if you love the girl doesnt mean you are gonna love the country, even if i do. good luck but think very carefully, yet again some things work for some but not for others right!
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thanks 2008/9/8 16:55
thanks raf, sorry but i think i didnt give sooo much informations for all this..
we already have meet in person and was a really great time ^^
and also i have already been to Japan too, and i really love there.
and about jobs, at first with my country , I can be in japan 3 months without visa, soo in that time can i search for any job and change into working visa? or first need to find job and came to japan? probably find by internet..or i think if somebody like to employ me, maybe at begining will ask me at first do you have working visa? and need to sponsor me, ne?
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