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holiday visa and snowboarding. 2008/9/8 02:37
hi i have few questions. i am a 24 old male, canadian. this winter i wanna go snowboarding in japan then down to new zealand for snow boarding for the summer. any ways here i go
i have already been in japan for 2 months and loved it this last summer.

1. how hard will it be for me to find a job on a ski hill that provides some type of accommodation. and will they give a deal on a season pass.

2. when should i leave canada to go look for a job on a ski hill. and what are some of the top resorts in japan.

3. i will be traveling with all of my gear and a 45litr backpack. do they have any cheap monthly storage available for me to store my gear till i leave out of the country when the seasons over.

thanks for the help
ps. i will probably be traveling with a around the world ticket so i will be starting in japan then new zealand and i wanna visit thailand then home. ok thanks
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Boo Boo Ski 2008/9/8 11:55
My son is a repeat visitor to the Canadian ski fields on the visa / work programs that they have here in Aust. We ski in Japan every year & noted a lot of Aussie youngsters manning the lifts and restautants. Most seem to have gotten there using a mob called Boo Boo Ski http://www.boobooski.com/

There might be other operators and I can't give any first hand details as my son is heading back to Panorama again. It sounds very similar to the Canada Programs (eg IEP) and I think it would be really difficult to get a sponsored job & visa on your own.
Good Luck
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Question 2 - Where 2008/9/8 12:07
The Nagano region has Hakuba, Shiga Kogan, Nozawa Onsen. Great resorts only a couple of hours from Tokyo.
Hokkaido has incredible powder - maybe not the steepest runs - Places like Niseko are a bit overrun with tourists (mostly compatriots). There's over 600 resports to pick from. Have not been to a bad one yet. For a lot of variety in a small area, Hakuba would be my recommendation.
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Similar Thread 2008/9/8 12:17
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