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How do i apply for college in japan? 2008/9/8 03:55
I really want to go to college in japan so i can learn more then america is teaching me so how do i apply and get into a college in japan and how do i know the right one for me? i don't know that much japanese?
by Tylanvis Walker  

School 2008/9/8 10:07
Do you even have an interest in Japan? I don't understand what you mean by, "so i can learn more then america is teaching me," are you even attending college in the United States yet? If not, what makes you think that that you would learn more "then" America is teaching you at a Japanese college?

Or on the other hand, are you referring to the fact that you are at such a higher level than everybody else that the American college system does not meet your needs?
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I ment this 2008/9/9 09:48
well i mean that i can learn more in the world then in my own country that's what i mean but i'm not in college so i was hoping to find out how apply
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asking 2008/9/9 15:53
sir i just want to ask that i done my intermediate in science now i want to study in japan so can u tell me all details about the course and language i think i want to first learn japnese in japan than ill take admission in other suitable course course for me
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