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Japanese Law 2008/9/8 10:41

First off I'd like to say thank you for everyone who contributes to this forum, you are all helpful and kind!

Alright, so I am an American man who is dating a wonderful girl who currently lives in Japan.

I've been saving for a ticket to fly over to Niigata, and I plan on living in Japan for a few months.

So my question is, what kind of laws do I have to be aware of in Japan?

I'm not sure if there are any strict laws that I could accidentally break. If possible, could someone link me to a list of laws?

Thank you!
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Any category of 2008/9/8 11:43
Any categories of laws you're worried about in particular?

Of course, there are plenty of cultural differences that may surprise you but laws? Not so sure if there's anything that shocking...
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no 2008/9/8 12:47
just behave the same as you would at home. anything you do at home that's illegal will be illegal in japan and vice versa.
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Gotta love the rules! 2008/9/8 13:17
Japan is all rules rules rules, never ending rules to rule the rules (the latest one is i didnt know that you cannot ride a bike in the rain holding and unbrella unless its a transparent one because otherwise is dangerous...yes the police stopped me in the rain for that!). escpecially as a foreigner somethimes you might even be right but still have to say sorry. more then rules i advice you to read about culture, if you do something a little bad and they see you are a tourist they might just warn you a little, escpecially if its an american tourist. My only advice is keep your passport with you at all times, or alien card if you stay here long. the police does have the right to ask for it at any time any place, some foregners dont like the fact and get into arguments with the police.
i get asked all the time and is very annoying, i might run next time coz they get on my nerves, my japanese fried said the police here is slow and would never use the gun anyway LOL LOL...but dont run. hope you have fun in japan, i love it here!
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