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Metal Detector 2008/9/8 14:03
I know in england you can use if freely unless is someone elses land, in turky is strictly forbidden but what about in japan? can you use metal detectors in public places? i know japan doesnt have a deep history like europe and finding something might be hard but i was still intrested in doing so because if no-one is doing it then the chances are well high! i loocked on the internet but could not find anything about the law but i did find sites selling the things in japan so it shoudl ge illegal. anyways can someone clear it up? woulsnt wanna spend 200000 on something thats gonna be taken away by the pigs!
by Raf  

??? 2008/9/8 22:11
"Japan doesn't have a deep history"? What do you mean by that? Japan has a very long history, easily comparable with that of Europe. It's not like New Zealand where two thousand years ago there were no humans.

Do a bit more study if you actually plan to look for historical artifacts, and you might find Japanese history is "deeper" than you realised.
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. 2008/9/8 23:21
I don't know about metal detector laws in Japan but I once saw in the internet a webpage of an american guy who was doing that here in Tokyo and he founded many interesting things like old coins, metal boxes full of old letters and etc.

Might be legal... I don't know though.
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arigatou ; ) 2008/9/13 11:17
Thanks Sira for the lecture, what i meant was is not like in greece were people find artefacts and jewellery easily. ill try to find that site! thanks!
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. 2008/9/13 15:37
Just curious where you exactly plan on metal detecting in Japan?

Most old castle areas are protected, and much of Japan was devastated and rebuilt after World War II, and constantly changing. So the odds of finding something as a private citizen (well first finding a place to hunt in the first place) is pretty slim to none. Occasionally they do find some left over World War II bombs that didn't explode, but I personally wouldn't want to be the one that finds one of those.
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The 2008/9/13 15:56
boy is watching tv too much, about treasure hunters and indiana johnses.
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module 2008/9/13 17:32
that's very condescending and naive of you module. people using metal detectors on beaches in the us and canada find millions of dollars worth of valuables and money every year. some people make their living from it.

as mentioned though, i don't think you'll find much except if you hunt around beaches and possibly old battle sites, where you might find some arrow heads or broken spear blades.

it's also very likely depending on where you search that you'll find old ww2 ammunition so be careful, that stuff is still live and the primers are very sensitive to shock due to age. even if you find a small caliber bullet just leave it alone and get the police to have an explosive expert take care of it.
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Yeah 2008/9/14 17:35
for us beaches this is fine, but leave old battlefields alone, they are not for boys with detectors.
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. 2008/9/15 00:31
Here it goes the page I mentioned in my previuos post. Good luck!

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Don't let people fool you. 2008/12/9 13:03
I use to live in Japan and if there is a hobby that you enjoy you best believe that someone in Japan is doing it no matter the hobby. The key for you my friend is to hook up with one of these detectorist online prior to making the trip. I would also try to hit up any libraries and ask them about the local history. Japan much like the over talked about and over studied Euopean part of the world had a feudalistic past and consistantly wared back and forth between sects. The cool thing about this is that the currency at the time was gold and silver. I know every one will tell you that you can't find stuff there but just like here in the great land of the USA, people are lazy and won't metal detect slopes or heavily wooded areas. This leaves the door of opportunity wide open for you. Another tid bit of advise that I can give is to keep your eye's open while on the road you will notice little shrines all over the side of mountains, and before vehicles people walked to reach these little shrines often times people left money offerings at the shrines (I'm not telling you to remove anything from a shrine it's very disrespectful) but the narrow paths through hills an mountains are fair game and it should be good. Happy Hunting.
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metal detecting in Japan 2009/7/16 07:25
I live in Japan and my hobby is metal detecting.
As far as the use of a metal detector in Japan there are no laws or regulations against them.
In Japan everything you find ABOVE ground has to be turned over to the police. They in turn try to find the owner and you receive a 10% reward if the owner is found. For things that are located with no owner you will get it back from the police. For anything UNDER the ground there is no law.
Active castle sites; buddhist temples are strictly off limits. old shinto shrines; old castle sites, parks, beaches are OK.
But ALWAYS ask for permission to search from anybody that happens to be around, they may associated with the location.
Bt the way, In Japanese a metal detector is called a kinzokutanchiki, how's that for a mouth full?
When arriving in Japan it is not necessary to declare your machine.
I was once hunting a beach with a friend when I noticed we aere being watched by the police, finally they left without saying a thing. Later on at another beach my friend was seriously questioned by the police wanting to know what that thing(his machine), was, who he was and what was he doing. After explaining to them all that entailed he found out the police have only held metal detectors for searching for weapons.
Well, hope this helps.

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thanks everyone 2009/7/16 12:25
Thanks everyone for the great answers. i can read enough japanese and was actually looking for some metal detectors but they cost so much! i guess ill save up for a while before being able to start that hobby! but ill definitly get to it!
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