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Spouse work options? Suggestions please 2008/9/9 10:54
My husband has gotten a job in Japan (Tokyo) and I will be getting a Spouse visa. I understand that I will be able to work 20 hours per week. What jobs / options are available for foreigners that can do part time work?

One thing I'm concerned about is I haven't worked for the last 2 years, as I've been very ill. I am on the road to recovery and expect by the time we get to Japan I will be good to work. The part time work appeals to me as I can ease back into work.

Before I became ill I worked in IT. I do realise it will be near impossible to get back into IT in Japan after my illness and no recent job (or is it?), so I am open to other options as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
by charlie  

20 hrs? 2008/9/10 09:30
A spouse visa allows you to work in any position you can find. I have worked on my spouse vise for a while now and I never had any restrictions about the amount of hours I worked. Maybe the system has changed. If you will be in Tokyo finding work in I.T. shouldn't be hard but the easy option is English instruction. Your spouse visa almost guarantees you a teaching job.
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Spouse/dependent visas 2008/9/10 09:45

If you husband is not Japanese, then you will qualify for a Dependent Visa - not a Spouse Visa (which is for spouses of Japanese nationals or permanent residents only).
With a Dependent Visa, I believe you can apply for permission to work part-time. In your case, you should probably look into teaching English privately, as that would let you readjust gradually to a working routine.
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Don't want to teach 2008/9/10 11:39
Thanks for you answers.

Yes, your right as my husband is not Japanese, then I would be on a dependent visa.

I should have said this in my original post - one thing I don't want to do is teach. I was never good at English and grammar and I am just not interested in it. What other options are out there?
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teaching 2008/9/10 16:54
I think if most language instructors were being honest with themselves they whould admit they hate teaching. The truth of the matter is it's one of the best paying legal jobs you can get here. Also, you don't need to understand grammer or indeed even how to spell to become a "conversation" teacher / instructor here with the visa you will get. If you can't find anything else it's the easy option.
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me 2008/9/10 19:44
That pretty much describes me. I hate teaching, but it is all that is available now. I had no experience teaching (other than being teaching aide for a year at university) and although I can explain points of grammar pretty well, I am certainly not trained as a teacher.

And yet, almost immediately after sending my resume out to a few schools I had six interviews lined up.

These places aren't looking for expert teachers. They are typically looking for babysitters (for younger kids) or conversationalists (for older students).

The only other option I can think of besides a part time job teaching, would be maybe a part time job at an English friendly bar/restaurant. I've had some coworkers leave teaching to do that.

There is work in IT for foreigners, but I'm not sure if there are many openings for part time people.

How is your Japanese? Depending upon your level, a lot of doors will be opened/closed.
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