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TokyoTech.VS Shizuoka VS UnivOfTokyo 2008/9/9 19:56
Hi everybody!

As I said in the topic I've to choose between Tokyo tech, Shizuoka Univ and university of Tokyo.

I'm a monbukagakusho (MEXT) scholarship holder, I'll have about 170K yen/months, and have received a letter of acceptance
from those three universities;
the dilemma is that:

in one hand I've received a letter of acceptance from Tokyo tech and Univ of Tokyo, to be as a research student for two years in the field of nanoelectronics.

In the other hand, I've received a letter of acceptance from Shizuoka university to be a doctor student for three years, but in the field of telecommunication.

I must say that I'm very interested in nanoelectronics, but I will be a research student for two years, I want to enter onto a master course , but I don't know the difficulty
of the master's course entrance
exam in Tokyo tech and univ of Tokyo and eventually will the scholarship be extended if I succeed?

Beside I'm quite interested about telecommunication but not as nanoelectronics, the advantage is, doctoral course and it's for 3 years.

Other personal information

I'm 23 years old,


Could anyone help me to choose?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards.
by Alchimist  

Please help me 2008/9/11 01:09
Please someone well experienced help me
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