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Extending more than the short term stay 2008/9/9 20:24
I am an Australian over 30 and I am wanting to ski some powder for 5 months. So far I can see that I can get over on a short term stay ''waived visa'' for up to 90 days. Is there any way to extend the 3 months? Do I have to apply before I go or after I get there?
by Loulou  

Visa extension 2008/9/10 09:25

British nationals can extend temporary visitor visas by an additional 90 days, but in the case of most (all?) other nationalities, extension is only granted in dire emergencies. You will have to leave and re-enter the country to get another three months.
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Thanks 2008/9/11 15:01
Hey Dave

Thanks for your response. I figured as much! I was hoping someone may now a "loop hole". Do you know anyone that has left and come back in successfuly? When I speak to the Japanese consulate in Australia they mentioned that it is a risky option.

thanks again!
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. 2008/9/11 15:06
There are no loop holes to say, you just risk it each time you do it. Some get by, some don't. Depends on who the Immigration Officer you get thats on duty when you arrive.
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