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Buying DSLR in Tokyo 2008/9/10 10:45
Going to Tokyo this November, and planning on purchasing a DSLR (Canon EOS 40D and EF-S17-85 IS).
I'm looking for both camera and lens are ''made in japan''.
The same is sold in Canada for $1500+tax = approx. $170,000 (but not made in japan, sigh)

Yodobashi & Bic Camera are well known among tourists. However, has anyone had any experience shopping with the following stores?
I did the price comparison on kakaku.com and the stores below offer the lowest price. ($116,000)


How are they compare with Yodobashi & Bic Camera? Are they reliable or offer any rebate if pay by cash? I know big chain stores like Yodobashi & Bic Camera offers 10% rebate. Just try to save few bucks.

On the side note, is it true that one might find a greater discount on the weekend as oppose to weekdays?

Please help!
All suggestions are welcome :P
Thanks in advance.
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10% 2008/9/10 12:45
Those stores are small but legitmate stores. You will get the price mentioned on Kakaku, but not less. Most of those stores are also cash only, so there is no cash rebate.(or to look at it another way, the "rebate" is already applied.)

The "cash rebate" from Bic, Yodobashi or SofMap is not a rebate as such.(a rebate is where you get cash back) The 10% goes on your point card that you can use towards your NEXT purchase.
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eh 2008/9/11 04:30
if both the camera and lenses available in canada are not made in japan, they will not be made in japan when you come here to buy them either.

cheap cameras get made in china or thailand or indonesia.

if you buy a pro level camera it will be made in japan. nikons are made in sendai, i can't remember where canon's are made but i think it might be hiroshima or nagasaki.

you have to pay more for a japanese made camera. a canon 5d will be japanese made, or a nikon d300-d700-d3.
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. 2008/9/17 01:56
The camera here in Canada are also ''made in japan''. Therefore, considering making my purchase in Japan (both camera & lens) , will simply save at least $50,000 yen (see my original post) which is not small amount and I am glad to use this extra $$ elsewhere.
Nice to hear that those smaller stores from Kakaku.com are legitmate. Thanks Sandy!

If anything goes wrong within a month, can you bring it back to those smaller stores where I bought it from for an exchange or have it fix?
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cameras 2008/9/17 03:11
Don't forget that cameras, like cars, often don't have the same name/number in Japan and in other countries so bring a brochure with photos from Canada.
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name 2008/9/17 12:47
The "Canon EOS 40D and EF-S17-85 IS" have the same name and number in Japan as elsewhere. Many other Canon cameras have different names though.

The small stores are legitimate store, and they won't rip you off.... however, they do not exchange, replace or fix at those stores. They deal in legitimate goods, but they only SELL at their stores.
If there's a problem, have to take it to the manufacturer's service centre, unlike the big chain stores like Bic & Yodobashi, who will provide support.
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green tea 2008/9/18 02:13
green tea i want to make sure you understand;

the location you buy the camera in makes no difference in where the camera was built. basically all nikon and canon cameras costing under $1000 CAD or approx 100,000yen will be made in thailand, china or indonesia. regardless of whether you buy them in canada or japan.

if you want a camera that was built entirely in japan, you have to buy a pro body like the d300-d700-d3 or canon's top models. similarly, you will have to buy a pro grade lens if you want it to be made in japan. canon L lenses fall under that category as do most nikon/nikkor f2.8 zoom lenses and a handful of fast prime lenses (consider the weight of the lens, the heavier it is the more likely it was built in japan).

hope this helps.
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also 2008/9/18 02:15
yodobashi can only provide support for the things their in house staff can do. i'm not sure yodobashi is an authorized repair center for nikon or canon, i doubt it since there are too many stores around japan, it's unlikely there are that many trained technicians available. yodobashi will likely mail your camera to the repair center (sendai or hiroshima for nikon and canon respectively)
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take back 2008/9/18 08:55
But if you buy something at Yodobashi or Bic, etc, they will take it, log it and send it for repair. They will then let you know when it's come back.
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