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denied entry (airport to airport) 2008/9/11 02:00
my sister already stays in japan for six months with a tourist visa after two months she go back to japan but immigration inspector did not allow her to enter japan,can she enter again in the next time?How long will she wait after entering again?
by cherry23  

Is there a reason? 2008/9/11 09:08
Is there a reason for them to not let her in? what did they say? It all depends why they stopped her.
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over 180 days 2008/9/11 09:17
There seems to be a limit of 180 days stay in Japan in any one year period, and that is probably why they didn't let her back in.

If she waits about 6 months she may be allowed in again, but if they suspect her of having worked illegally, possibly not.
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Thank you 2008/9/11 14:09
Thank you so much for your replies...
Thier reason is that my sister's did was same as make a living in Japan,she much stays in Japan than Philippines.

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bad record? 2008/9/11 14:46
Did that situation of my sister being airport to airport made her a bad record to the immigration of japan?
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. 2008/9/11 14:59
To clarify it seems to be an unofficial/official (but good luck getting anything official written about it) that 180 under temporary visitor status in Japan.

If you are deniedentry into Japan a record is most likely made of it. And the Immigration forms usually ask "have you ever been denied entry". So yes there is a record of it.
However is she waits about 6months-1 year then she might be ok.

But as you mentioned she's potentially living/working in Japan illegally (I don't know) but if she wants to stay in Japan longer, she should really look into getting a real visa that allows her to stay. (Eg Work Visa, student visa etc etc).
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hmmm... 2008/9/11 19:58
as far as I know. If you are caught working illegally, you will be force out of the country and never be able to enter Japan ever again.

Japan is very tough when it comes to foreigners and visitors (not to mention VISA issues).

But do correct me if Im wrong.

Cheers ^.^
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what if? 2008/9/13 13:59
thanks for the informations..,
What if in my sister situation,if the immigration reason is "false statement" can she enter again japan in the next time?How long would she wait?
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. 2008/9/13 14:01
No one here can tell you an exact answer.

If you are denied entry, and she gave "false statements" that equal to "lying to government officials".

It is all up to Immigration. If you have questions it should really be directed to your Japanese consulate or Embassy. Though most times they will also not have a clear answer. The answer is "It really depends on Immigration".

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What if? 2008/9/13 14:07
thanks for the informations..
what if in my sister situation,if the immigration reason is "false statement" can she enter again Japan?how long would she wait?
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confused... 2008/9/13 14:16
i am just confused, because the immigration reason to my sister is that she's like made living in Japan more stay in Japan than Phil. But in Phil.Airline receipt it was written there that she is denied due "false statement"...Pls.help me...clarify
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How? 2008/9/13 14:20
How to apply for work visa in Japan? or apply for long term resident? because my auntie there had an illness that is why she need my sister there.
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Very unlikely 2008/9/13 15:09
If she has had to leave because of visa irregularities, and then been denied entry, the chances of her getting a working visa or any other kind of long-term visa are almost zero I'm afraid. Even a tourist visa would probably be very difficult.
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ah 2008/9/14 05:34
did i read the phillipines in this thread? i hate to sound racist or prejudiced or etc. but if your sister is from the phillipines that is probably why they denied her entry.

the phillipines have a terrible problem with people staying illegally in japan - as such the immigration authorities are much more strict with citizens from there. actually it's not just japan that does it.

your sister might have a hard time getting back here unless she can prove why she's coming back. maybe she should come back on a different visa, such as a student visa or cultural activities visa.
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Be honest 2008/9/14 12:52
A genuine visitor should not stay more than 6 months in a year. It is reasonable to suspect that your sister took up employment illegally. I presume when she was questioned by the Japanese immigration officer for her lengthly stay when she seek entry again, she lied and her statement could not satisfy the officer on his doubt. So your sister was denied entry for reason of false statement with a bad record which jeopardize future enty.

I think you need to apply for a visa in the Japanese embassy in the Philippines if she wants to visit Japan for any reason again. There may be too many overstayers from the Philippines and your application will be closely scrutinized.
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misenterpretation... 2008/9/15 11:43
A lot of thanks...
I think the immigration officer misenterpreted my sister situation because she is a filipina,but honestly my sister did not made any employment there in Japan when she's there,she's only in my auntie's house she do help my auntie because my auntie had an illness and old already.
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employment 2008/9/15 13:20
Your sister takes care of an elderly, doing household work and that already constitute an employment status whether it is paid or unpaid. The relationship between the aunt and your sister is not an issue and won't receive special consideration. By no means your sister is a visitor anymore. Obviously, she spend more time in Japan than in Philippines where she may be jobless.

For an old sick elderly, she should consider employing a full time maid or be admitted into an elderly home.

Anyway, your sister needs to apply for a visa for any purpose. It is not how long she has to wait but what kind of visa she wants to apply.
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family registration 2008/9/17 21:59
Thank you for responding...
My sister is already registered in the city hall in the place of my aunt there in Japan,her name appeared already in the Family registration(kosekitohon)of my aunt and her husband because the couple treated her as their own daughter,even before when my sister is still in college here in Philippines the said couple supports her study.What kind of visa can she apply?Can they apply for certificate of eligibility?
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. 2008/9/17 22:38
Nobody here can claim to be an expert in Japanese immigration procedures, especially for an unusual case like yours. The best thing to do is to have your aunt's husband call the immigration office and find out for himself.

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ask the authorities 2008/9/17 22:39
Your Japanese embassy can give you the best, most accurate information. I have never heard of anyone in your sister's situation before. I still believe that if she has been denied entry to Japan, she stands very little chance of getting any kind of visa, koseki or not.

Really the embassy or Japan immigration are the only places you can get accurate information on this kind of topic.
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