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Mobile phones in Japan working 2008/9/12 05:04
Hello from germany,

I'm planning my vacation in Japan.

I want to take my mobile phones with me. It's a ''Nokia 3110 classic'' and an old ''Siemens S65''.

Are they working in Japan?

Thanks for the help,

by Volker  

. 2008/9/12 11:07
Both are GSM-only phones and don't work in Japan.
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. 2008/9/12 14:13
You need a mobile with UMTS for Japan. The cheapest way would probably be a contract with Vodafone where you can choose the option "Reiseversprechen". Then your charge per minute is the same as in Germany + 75 cent per call.

But I guess this only pays off if you stay in Japan for a longer period of time. For short term stays you could just rent a Japanese mobile at Narita airport.
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