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Finding an itunes gift card in Japan 2008/9/13 16:34
Well, I really like this Japanese artist UA but since she is an older artist I think it's harder to find her cds now. I thought it would be easier to just get her songs from the Japanese Itunes store. The only problem is I can't find where they sell the cards in Japan. When I was living in America, (I am studying abroad right now) the itunes cards were everywhere. They were in grocery stores, Best Buys, Targets, probably even Walmart, and of course the Apple store. I have not seen one so far since I have been here. Does anyone have any suggestions where they may sell them? By the way, I live near Akita city. Thank you for your help.
by UAfan  

iTunes 2008/9/14 08:03
Is there a Yodobashi Camera or Bic Camera store in Akita or another nearby city? They sell iTunes cards. ...

Actually I just did a search, and found that your nearest Yodobashi would be in Sendai. Bic Camera has no stores between Kanto and Sapporo.

Check the electronics section of any department store near you, but otherwise it looks like you might need to make a trip somewhere- there are also Apple Stores in Tokyo that carry them.
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Thanks 2008/9/14 11:16
My school is actually offering a trip to Sendai. I may check over there. The closest mall near me has mostly clothes store and shoes stores. There is a cd store in the mall but I didn't see any Itunes cards there. I guess it would hurt to ask the people in the shop. Thank you for your response. @_@ tokyo is so far away...
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Itunes card 2008/9/14 11:20

I don't know where you looked, but you can get them at convenience stores.
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Didn't know that! 2008/9/14 13:47
Oh really? You learn something new every day. Thanks, Dave in Saitama :-)
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really? 2008/9/15 19:02
I would have never thought they would be in a convenience store. Since my school has a cafeteria I rarely ever go to a convenience store for food and I usually get other stuff elsewhere too. I have a Lawson and Familymart near me. Do you think either one will have it? Or are you talking about something like 7 eleven. Thanks for suggesting the convenience store. :)
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But beware of Japanese iTunes 2008/9/15 20:34
By the way, I'd recommend you check out the Japanese iTunes store before spending your money, so you can see if they actually have the songs/artists you want.

I've looked for many Japanese songs - including famous songs by very famous artists - without luck. Somehow there seems to be a rather limited selection of songs available for sale.
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Japanese Itunes 2008/9/15 21:23
To download from the Japanese Itunes you need to make an account first.

And in order to make an account you need a credit card with a Japanese billing address, even if you're only going to use the gift card.
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different in america 2008/9/22 18:57
I know in America you didn't have to have a bank account but maybe it's different in Japan. I have been trying to avoid opening a bank account in Japan so if I have to have one to use the itunes card, I guess it's not worth it.
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you should be okay, actually.. 2008/9/29 09:19
I just picked up an itunes card yesterday at a Circle K. Yes, you do have to register for a Japanese iTunes Account, but you don't need a Japanese credit card, and it doesn't verify an address (you can put anything in).

Happy downloading!
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Thanks 2008/9/29 19:41
Thanks for telling me.
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