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UK to Japan electrical voltage 2008/9/13 21:43
Hiya I am going to Japan at the end of the year and being a vain young girl need to know how I am supposed to use my hair straighteners.

The Uk uses 240v and Japan is much lower, so my straightners don't work. Is it possible to buy a converter/ transformer to use in Japan for UK appliences? Would it work with straightners or am i better off just buying new straightners for the 2 weeks i am in Japan?

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no 2008/9/13 23:28
Short answer, no, you can't.
Long anser: A transformer will do the job of converting japan's 100V to 240V, but any kind of appliance with a resistance (heating element) will easily reach over 500W to 100OW and a transformer rated for that will weigh over 10Kg easily.

You should check if your stuff doesn't have a voltage switch. I've seen them on hair dryers (set it to 110V and it will work, DONT FORGET TO SET TO 240 WHEN YOU RETURN or it WILL be destroyed), or just try running it on japan. Philips has a tiny clothes iron for travel that works on any voltage (it just takes longer to heat on 110V countries).

If it doesn't have a switch, you can look at the light on your straightener: if it's on all the time or if it's intermitent (heats then goes off). If it does that, it MAY work in japan, it just will take longer to heat OR never go off, meaning it will not reach the desired temperature).
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. 2008/9/13 23:33
btw, here: http://www.threedoubleyou.com/convertpower.htm you can see how expensive these things are. Bottom of the page "Step-up transformer", you will need at least a 1000W one and they weigh 5.1Kg and they go for 128! Are you sure you can't get a straightener for less than that in Japan?
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