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Cost for water and electricity? 2008/9/14 10:55
What is the cost for water in Japan?

How much do they pay for elictricty?
What about garbage collection?

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Depends... 2008/9/14 13:43
For the two of us we pay around 6,000 every 3 months for water, a bit more in winter when we take more baths.

Electricity is about 3,000 to 5,000 a month for us, the higher price is usually in mid-summer and mid-winter when we use the A/C and heating more.

Garbage collection depends on the ward/ city. Where I live I assume it is paid out of the resident's tax, but in other areas you have to buy special bags and pay for it that way.
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Thank you 2008/9/14 14:57
Thanks for the answer..
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