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buy metallic button for body pain 2008/9/14 11:58
as above.. friend just bought it from Japan.

She said when purchase the metallic button shaped with magnetic field .. when put this button on the areas of the body with pain, the pain will disappear.. anyone knows where to buy ??

THanks. Will provide photo if have later.
by hoon  

... 2008/9/14 13:15

THose for stiff shoulders/back?
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... 2008/9/14 23:34
Looks like it but I do not have the package yet.. is it effective in reducing pain on aches on body not only shoulders ?

Is it reuseable ?

Where can I buy them ?

Thanks so much !
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.. 2008/9/14 23:36
how much ? And would you mind telling me the difference in these packaging in the website that you have provided?

Thanks so much ! Because I am having persistent shoulder, neck pain and backache too. Have using Japanese patches too..works little .

Going to Japan in late oct again. so hope to buy it. Thanks !
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hoon, 2008/9/14 23:45
The first, second, and the fourth ones come in different grades, or magnetic strength levels. The third one comes with "natural skin color" adhesive so that they don't stand out on your neck, for example. And the larger one at the bottom is for use on back and legs, to work on larger areas with pain.

They are not reusable. Price is, for example, for the second one from the top (medium strength, I'd say), it's 1,260 yen for 24 of those "buttons," or 2,310 yen for 48. You can get them at almost any drugstores, and you can try buying a small pack first to see it they work on you.

They say they are good for stiff muscles - shoulders, arms, back, lower back, legs, etc.
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... 2008/9/14 23:53
Thanks AK :)

do you how it works ?? HOw do the buttons remove the pain ? Would be going to buy in oct .

Thanks very very much
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... 2008/9/15 00:02
Oh ya .. how many hours does one last ?
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As far as I know... 2008/9/15 08:06
They say that the magnetism from those little magnets work on the stiff muscles that is pressing on the blood vesels and blocking the blood flow (which further makes it easy for the stiffness/pain to accumulate) to loosen them up and to help the blood flow better.

They say you can wear them (you use at least something like six or so at once, three on each side - the trial pack has six in them) for two to three days. If you don't put them on immediately after shower when you are still sweating, or scrub too hard on your body when taking shower/bath, they should last that long.
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.. 2008/9/15 11:15
oh ok. That is the only brand there in Japan now ? sounds gd .. Thanks AK.! :)
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