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Ticket resellers in Tokyo? 2008/9/14 15:34
A concert I really want to go to in Tokyo has sold out before I could buy a ticket, and I'd go through yahoo!Japan auctions for one, but am leaving for Japan in a few days. Does anyone know if the whereabouts of ticket resellers in Tokyo or surrounds, and what their markup is like (totally overpriced? reasonable? etc).

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... 2008/9/15 14:37
Someone correct me if i'm totally wrong, but I believe that those so-called "ticket shops" in town deal mostly in museum entrance tickets, limited express train tickets, book coupons, telephone (prepaid) cards, etc., meaning all tickets that have longer validity than one occasion, such as for concerts.

There seem to be some "ticket agency" service providers, who search through their network of second-hand dealers/ticket shops to find rare or sold out tickets (for concert, baseball matches, theater performance, limited-day Disneyland entrance tickets, etc.) for you. But those tend to be membership schemes, with quite expensive (for example 10,000 yen per ticket) commission, and the ones I've seen are only in Japanese.

Many people/shops do put extra concert tickets up for sale in auctions by now... and their selling prices (people seldom ever use "buy it now" price on auctions for concert tickets) can go pretty high...
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tickets might come around later 2008/9/15 15:36
Ticket resellers are pretty obvious because they have tickets desplayed in their glass cases, but as mentioned they hardly sell sold-out concert tickets.

It might depend on the concert, but typically, it is practically useless to try to find tickets that have just been sold out.

However, as the concert date gets nearer and people's schedules become concrete, a lot of them start selling tickets they are stuck with.

Keep an eye on yahoo auction and fan sites. If you have fan friends, let it be known that you are looking for tickets. Especially, fans sell them from goodwill and try not to charge you anything extra.

But also keep in mind that some leftover ticket sales are organized by yakuza and that the money will go to them if you buy from them. Surely they would be standing near the hall on concert day holdiing tickets in their hands that cost twice or three times the original price.

It might help if you tell us who the artist is. Some posters might have information.
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ticket resellers 2008/9/17 12:13
Ah, thanks for the info. The band I want to see is Maximum The Hormone, a punk/metal/etc band, on the 13th October. I know that's plenty of time away, but I'm leaving for Japan this Saturday, and won't have much internet access between now and then to use yahoo auctions and fansites and such.
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Sold out tickets 2009/8/18 00:23
I know this post is old but just in case someone googles it like I did.

Actually it's very possible to buy sold out tickets. There are a lot of resellers that mass buy tickets on release on pia.
The problem is are you willing to put the price?

I mean I did for tokyo girls collection and the vamps and my contact found tickets in seconds but they were expensive.
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Shibuya 2009/8/18 07:23
The resellers are located all over the place. If you go up Center Gai in Shibuya, you'll find many. They sell concert tickets and the prices are reasonable.
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