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Mountain Biking in Japan 2008/9/14 16:06

Just wondering if mountain-biking (XC) is feasible at the end of the year (around Dec-Jan) and where are the popular places for MTB-ing?

Are there any forums or websites that organize rides or have maps/directions to specific trails?

Is it possible to walk in to a bike shop to ask for informal rides or do I have to book guided rides online in advance?

I can bring my own bike and gear, so rental is not an issue.

by Juliana  

Snowy 2008/9/16 08:30
In winter, you'll have to watch out for snowy and icy conditions but maybe the hills around Chiba might be a good place to so cycling.

FYI, shops don't have guides but they sell route maps (in Japanese of course).

For help in English, you should try this site



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