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uniqlo 2008/9/15 15:49
1) Is there any Uniqlo store at Kansai Airport as i will have about 3 hours before my next connecting flight into Sapporo.
Hoping to buy winter wear like glove and socks and boots before starting my ski trip in Hokkaido on 24 February next year.

2) If not, is there one at Chitose Airport - i dont think there is Uniqlo in Furano?

3) What is the average temperature in Furano during 24 Feb?

Would appreciate your advice.
by Thammy  

yep! 2008/9/15 19:40
yep! there is a uniqlo upstairs at kansai - not a huge one, but still plenty of stuff there...
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Kansai 2008/9/15 19:40
No Uniqlo store at Kansai unless a new one sprung up recently. U can check Kansai Airport website to be sure.
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... 2008/9/15 19:42
According to their website, yes, there is one now.
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There will be... 2008/9/15 19:49
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uniqlo 2008/9/16 13:03
Thanks for your information. Do you know whether I can get gloves, boots from this Uniqlo store at Kansai airport or they do not carry winter apparel
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uniqlo 2008/9/16 13:10
In winter they will carry winter apparel, yes. Gloves definitely. They don't carry much in the way of shoes, and I don't ever remember seeing boots there.
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^^ 2008/9/27 08:25
oh.. you are going to furano?? very nice place. you are right. there is no uniqlo in furano. the next one is in asahikawa (maybe 1,5 h by train). but it is no problem to find these things you need in furano. does it have to be uniqlo?
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furano 2008/9/29 11:54
Thank you all for your advice.

Steffi, it does not need to be uniqlo..as long as it is not too expensive. You have been to Furano in winter?
Do you know whether the Furano Snow Dome is an annual event and does it end it March? thought of going on 2 March when it's not too cold. Anyone have been to Snow Festival in Biei ?
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