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Guitars - near Osaka/Kyoto? 2008/9/15 21:09
I'm going to be in Japan studying for the next four or so months, but decided not to take my guitar with me because I didn't want to risk anything with it. Anyways, I really would like something to practice with/play while I'm here as four months is a pretty long time.

I don't have enough free time anytime soon to make a weekend visit for fun to Tokyo or anything, so I was wondering if there were any guitar shops around the Osaka or Kyoto area where I could find a guitar (acoustic) around $300/$400 or less.

I haven't had much luck checking multiple other forums, so I'd really appreciate anyone who can help me. Thanks a lot!
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f 2008/9/16 15:21
Yeah theres a bunch in Shinsaibashi. Theres a Miki gakki, another huge one in the top of the loft building. Another miki gakki in ame mura as well as 306 guitars and other store thats just behind big step.
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Shinsaibashi? 2008/9/17 15:41
Ahh, I'm not too familiar with the area. From the Shinsaibashi station, are they on one of the main streets?
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