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re-cycle shop in tsurumi-Yokohama 2008/9/15 23:32
Dear all I need addrress with maps f possible to some re-cycle shops in tsurumi- Yokohama please
by Riri-mito  

Here you go 2008/9/16 18:20
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Thanks 2008/9/16 20:12
Thank you Uco But which is what? I can not read Japanese could you just tell me which letter indicates the re-cycle shop. Many thanks
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. 2008/9/16 21:05
The previous link is a list I got by using Google and searching the keyword "recycle shop Tsurumi" in Japanese language.

In particular, as you can see there is a map at the top and each of the ABCs describe the shops on the righthand list. You can see their phone numbers on the list as well. Note that some of the shops on the list specialize in certain items. For example shop A seems to be for kimonos only.

Some of the links on this Google list may contain shops that are far from Tsurumi, but I'm sure you can guess by their telephone numbers.

By the way, "recycle shop" is written as リサイクルショップ. If you live in Tsurumi area, take a walk. You will probably spot shops here and there.

If you can be more specific about what you need to do at/with the shops, perhaps it will help you to get better advise.
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Living staff 2008/9/16 21:25
Thanks again Uco. What I need is living staff, fredge, stove, washing machine and kitchen staff may be heater and bed too. I will move there one month later and I want to make sure to get the necssery staff before actually start living there. So which shop you advice me to visit for those iteams? Thanks a ton
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. 2008/9/16 22:36
Assuming you are looking for "stuff," I would recommend Seikatsu-Soko Kawasaki-Saiwai branch, because they have enough space to stock bulk material and seem to be quite sincere.

The branch's contact is as follows;
phone 044-580-6336
address 13-5 Yagami, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City

Otherwise, you can just go to the Classified Ads section of this very site.

Also, try contacting Tsurumi Ward Office (Tsurumi Kuyakusho).

They can deal in various languages and can give you advise on places like the public Tsurumi Recycle Center or bulletin boards where you can put ads on.
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Shop around 2008/9/17 00:22

Rather than heading straight for the "recycle" shops, I would also recommend looking at discount electrical shops. Whenever I have browsed in recycle shops I have always been amazed by the high prices they charge for secondhand - and often quite old - stuff, compared with what you can get brand new by shopping around.
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. 2008/9/17 08:28
Thanks Uco and Dave. Now I have better idea.
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