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Working in Japan? 2008/9/16 07:54
Hello everyone :)

I wanna move to Japan for job. I'm in relationship wit Japanese guy.

So, which job is possible to get in Japan for foreigner ppl? I'm not English Native-Speaker :(

To get job as English Teacher is possible? I've heard about job for foreigner in wedding bussines or Talent Company ( looking for talents :P).

How about working visa? First I have to looking for job and next to try get visa?

Everybody knows something about it? I need some information, web sites and so on.

And Japanese? I must speak Japanese well, right? Or I can speak English? My Japanese is poor :( I need take JLPT?

thank you for ur help :)
by yokko  

working in Japan 2008/9/16 15:21
Surely the first person to ask is your Japanese boyfriend? failing that your best bet is to call the Japanese consulate or Embassy closest to your home tog et accurate information. Learning Japanese should also be your highest priority.
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hmmm 2008/9/16 22:52
well, my bfirend doesn't know about it nothing. But it's quite normal because a lot people don't know about living foreigner ppl in own country ;)
I must ask a question to Embassy.
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degree 2008/9/17 13:11
if you don't have a degree you can't work here. there are a few exceptions but i don't think you would qualify since english is not your native language.

if you marry your boyfriend you might be able to find a job but it will be very low paying and tough work.

learn japanese, that will help you a lot. to work in an all japanese environment you need to be at jlpt 2 or 1 or it's going to be difficult to communicate.

try to increase your english level to fluency as well.

sorry to shatter dreams but while it's pretty easy to live here, it's not THAT easy. if you don't speak english or japanese fluently, and you don't own your own business, it's best to forget about living and working here legally.
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