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Are there pawnshops in Osaka sell bags? 2008/9/16 21:20
Osaka City
used bags like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, etc.?
by David Q. Layosa  

expensive bags 2008/9/17 16:32
I would think that such valuable goods would be found in a consignment store rather than in a pawn shop? not to mention that many ladies would rather drink water and plain rice or bread for months rather than being seen without their status-making bag.
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Pawn shops 2008/9/17 16:43

I don't live in Osaka, but if it is like any other big city in Japan, it should have no shortage of pawn shops selling designer bags and stuff.
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pawn shops 2008/10/12 21:39
i havent seen the place but it is all over japan it is called donkey hotai,sound like that don't know the speliing
good luck
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Don Quijote 2008/10/12 21:52

Don Quijote is a discount store chain. They don't sell secondhand stuff, and it certainly isn't a pawn shop.
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:/ 2009/3/20 20:09
i've seen pawn shops in shittenoji area right near the station exit...3 i think. but its like...a really scary ghetto area. which, in the us, thats not a big deal for me because if i go to oakland or LA or whatever, i know whats going on, but in a foreign country...err...and when i went some scary guy was followin me and he looked mad hahaha. i wouldnt go. plus the pachinko, graffiti,and homeless everywhere.
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safety 2009/3/21 18:16
merma1d, There is nothing wrong with shitennoji, you are confusing areas. You got to be kidding too as no area in Japan is anywhere as scary as many in the USA.
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