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Can I send Mooncake to Japan? 2008/9/17 00:15
Hi guys, I need your help to solve my current problem. I have a friend studying in Japan and she misses mooncake very much. I would like to send her 2 mooncakes but I do not know is that a problem to send mooncake to Japan?
I hope someone can help me with this and I would really appreciate any response that I would be received.

Melinda from Malaysia
by Melinda  

Moon cake 2008/9/18 08:35
As long as it would keep, I think you would be fine to send mooncake. My parents sent me a heavy fruitcake for my 21st birthday, and although it was opened by Japan Post, it was still delivered.

Incidentally, although they may be a bit different, you can buy a kind of mooncake called "geppei" (月餅), even in supermarkets in Japan, and at this time of year you will find them in a lot of bakeries and Japanese sweet stores, so it may not be necessary to send it.

There are also plenty of Chinese restaurants here which may have it in this season.
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mooncake 2008/9/18 16:04
Thanks Sira for your reply! I think I will try send her a box of mooncake although there are shops selling mooncake in Japan. Hope my friend can feel the warmth from me, just like your parents sent the birthday cake to you. It must be vesy sweet :)
Thanks a lot for your information.
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