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new years in tokyo 08/09 2008/9/17 02:13
hi i am gonna be in tokyo for this years new years.
where should i be to celebrate it. where would all the big parties be. ok thanks for the help.
also i am going to be up in hakuba for the month of december most of january and febuary i will be snow boarding throughout this time, just thought id hit up tokyo for newyears
thanks dave
by dave g  

Temples 2008/9/17 22:13
You can go to one of the temples before midnight and wait with a small crowd to hear the the ringing of the large temple bell to erase the sins of man.

Or, you can go to Roppongi to celebrate in the traditional western way with other westerners.
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don`t expect much 2008/9/18 12:23
NYE isn`t a party event here. don`t expect massive parties & fireworks. it seems to be more ofa family holiday, eating soba & visiting shrines & temples.

i`ve heard that tokyo disney has something going on, but never been.
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New year is quiet 2008/9/19 11:29
For Japanese, new year is quiet and solemn. As far as I know, ski-resorts does big events like fireworks. Some theme parks and spots like TDL and Odaiba has countdown event.
But those're just special. Most of ppl usually spend new year's eve and 3days quietly, have a personal party with family or friends.
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New Years Eve in Tokyo 2008/9/21 20:42
I lived near Zojyoji, one of Tokyo's largest temples. We often went there on New Years Eve. That was 20 years ago, but I doubt things have changed.
It was very crowded. They burn old wooden grave markers and foreigners are allowed to line up to ring the huge bell (it is rung 108 times at Midnight).
There were also food stands if you are hungry. It is traditional to eat Soba on New Years.
Take the Mita subway to SHIBA KOEN. Get on the back car (coming from Otemachi) and go out exit 4. You will be near Zojyoji's huge east gate.
The weather was always cold and crystal clear the 9 New Years I was there.
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. 2008/9/23 02:11
While people often say "its quite" I can tell you after a few years here, that you that there can be crowds and many things going on. As the prior poster mentioned (I was there last year) at the temple near Tokyo tower, the crowds are huge, Tokyo tower powers down and lights up at new year, at the same time thousands of balloons are let into the air:
(not my photo)

I spent another year in Kanagawa (forgot where) and fireworks went off at midnight, again large crowds.

On new years day itself there are huge crowds that flock to places like Meiji Shrine. Tookforever to get to it.
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. 2008/9/23 02:11
If you are looking for a party, I guess you can always hit Roppongi right after.
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