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where to buy used Nikon lenses 2008/9/17 05:46
i hope I'm going to Japan and would like to check ''second-hand'' shops for lenses.
I'm looking for
AI Nikkor 24 f2.0
AF Nikkor 85 f1.8D
and probably AI 50 f1.4
Probably will also buy a D300 body, but this question is discussed alot, so no problems.
Whereas I could not find anything regarding used lenses.

Thanx for the advises.
by Denis Davydov  

best 2008/9/17 12:39
I think the best shops are the two Map Camera shops in Shinjuku.( マップカメラ ) They are located on the west side of the station in the lane running west on the southern side of the big Yodobashi Camera shop.

Click on the English button for a map. One store has manual lenses and cameras, while the other has AF lenses, cameras & digital cameras.

Another reasonable shop is Kitamura ( キタムラ ) at Akihabara. (it's not easy to find though)
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is it in Tokyo 2008/9/17 18:32
are they in Tokyo?
I'm sorry, i didn't specify it in the first post. I will have 3 free days in Tokyo, so i'm looking for some options there...

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map 2008/9/17 18:49
sorry for stupid comment, checked it at wiki, it's Tokyo district. According to web it's very big shop, could you give me some links to the map? I can't read Japanese at all :)

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read 2008/9/17 19:36
If you click on the link, then read my post, it says to click on "English", then there is a map in English!!!!
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Fujiya 2008/9/17 20:41
Hi Denis,

I'd recommend Fujiya Camera in Nakano, Tokyo. They have a good range, quality gear, and good prices too.

Fujiya Camera is one stop from Shinjuku on the JR Chuo express line. Take the North Exit from JR Nakano Station, cross the square with the taxis, then enter the mall in front of you and head north. There is an exit from the mall on your right and Fujiya is down that street. There are multiple shops - but the main shop has a big yellow sign over the entryway. There are two levels for the main shop, the ground floor has mostly Canon gear, Nikon is on the floor above.

I'm not too familiar with Nikon gear but they currently have:-
MF Ai-s 24/2 for 22050 yen
AF AF 85/1.4D for 75600 yen
MF Ai-s 50/1.4 for 16800 yen
D300 for 123900 yen.

Their Nikon range is quite extensive from what I've seen.


On their website if you click the link below the phone numbers (top left) it shows you a map. You can hover over the grey buildings to see details on each of their shops, the main shop is the one closest to the top.

Hope my instructions make sense! Good luck! :)
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Web 2008/9/17 20:45
Website is www.fujiya-camera.co.jp

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Thanx 2008/9/17 21:30
to Angus:
thank you very much for another link. I will have a look...

to Sandy:
just didn't notice it in your message nor at the web-page.
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how to search :) 2008/9/17 23:19
could you please give me a link to search page of http://www.fujiya-camera.co.jp/ ? it's hard to guess:)))
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akihabara 2008/9/18 02:03
there are a couple of used shops in akihabara electric town as well worth checking out. they don't have a large selection but i have seen a few good lenses there for a decent price. especially if you like older lenses / manual focus stuff you might find something you like.
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by the way 2008/9/18 02:05
i think you would be a lot better served by just buying a 17-55mm f2.8 instead of all those primes you're looking at.

if you're new to photography you may even be better served by the d300 and a 18-200mm vr. it's a slow lens but it's very portable and good enough to take most photographs.

you may also want to look at the canon side of things before pulling the trigger. canon just unveiled their 5d mkII and prices of the older 5d will be dropping even further - the new 5d is priced amazingly cheap however. (about 2x the price of a new d300 at the moment)
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thanx 2008/9/18 02:27
thanx, winterfolf.
i'm not new to photography, but probably i will buy d300 with 18-200 as a cheap solution.
I'm looking for primes because I use them with 35mm video adapter.
I would probably like to jump to canon, but i have film (F100) and digital (D70) nikon, several portable nikon flashes (2xSB600) and few lenses (50/1.8 and 24-120).
so it's tough to switch now :)
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D300 2008/9/18 09:05
Denis, you are obviously not new to photography if you want those lenses!!!

And of course one reason you want the D300 is that those manual focus lenses will not meter on your D70, right???

You may also be interested in a nice Tamron 80-200mm ATX SD F2.8 for Nikon(Ais) as well. They have quite a few in MapCamera for under 30,000yen
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d300/700 2008/9/18 18:06
yes, that's right, i've read that there could be problems with medium-priced cameras like d70 and AI/AIS.
Thanx for advise regarding Tamron, but probably i'll stick to 2 fixes (24 and 85) at the moment cos have to buy body as well...

by the way, can somebody recommend just few cheap shops? at Kakaku.com there are tons of shops.
I've read (at this forum) that these could be good:
1.PC Bomber
3.Outlet Plaza

any advises? I guess i will be looking for a new d300/700 body there...
according to kakaku, almost none of the cheap store accept credit cards :(
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shops 2008/9/19 09:27
So far as shops for your D300:

1.PC Bomber
3.Outlet Plaza

1. PC Bomber is a great shop, but it may hard to find, according to the map in their site, because you need to walk further than you think. Right next to the eastern side of the train tracks will find it though.

2. & 3. Wink and Outlet Plaza are easy to find, and are right next to each other. They sometimes run out of the items listed on Kakaku.

4. E-Trend is a good shop, but study the map carefully. You need to walk all the way up to the intersection next to Suehirocho subway station to find it. They often run out of the items on Kakaku.

5. ecpowers will be hard to find.

Direct Hands(ダイレクトハンズ)is a tiny shop, but their map is VERY good. I've bought a couple of things there.

In each case, it's best to copy and paste the address into google and click maps.

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Thank you 2008/9/19 16:03
Thank you,
i'll check shops next week again, just right before leaving to Japan...

Have a nice day everybody,
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how to get there? 2008/9/27 00:52
hi, guys,
just last questions regarding maps:
1)what metro station is it?
how do i get there?
could not find it in google maps...
2) how do i specify on kakaku that i need Tokyo only? I found several good places but they are not in Tokyo :(

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second-hands 2008/9/27 01:07
3) could you please say me what is the metro station for mapcamera and for www.fujiya-camera.co.jp

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maps 2008/9/28 00:10
Paste 東京都千代田区外神田3-3-3 into google map. It's at Akihabara.

For Tokyo: 東京


Map Camera is near Shinjuku station.

Fujiya is near Nakano station.

(See earlier posts)
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Thanx 2008/9/28 13:58
Thanx, Sandy.
Somehow it didn't work with the "whole" address (after 3-3-3)...
I have a plane in several hours so i wont ask any more questions :)
Wish good luck to everybody,
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