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Visa Status 2008/9/17 12:51
I gave my school a 2 month resignation notice earlier this month. My question is, how does this affect my visa status? Does my visa become invalid after my last day of work? How long can I stay in Japan without a sponsor? I plan on leaving Japan a couple days after my last day of work, so I hope I'm allowed to stay in the country for at least a couple of days before leaving.

I came here with a Certifiate of Eligibility in July. Immigration took the certificate and gave me a landing permission stamp in my pasport for a one year duration. I received my ARC soon after. I don't think any of these documents change or become invalid after quitting my job, do they? I just don't want to have any problems leaving the country.

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Visa status 2008/9/17 16:17

The visa in your passport should indicate its expiry date. Despite what some employers may say, it doesn't become void the instant you quit your job.
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. 2008/9/17 16:58
Just a correction, the date on your "Landing Permission" is whatever date you have until you have to leave Japan or renew.

Some people also have actual Visas in their passports along with landing permissions. The big thing that says "JAPAN VISA" some people have also have expiration dates on them, this is the expiration dates on them. This isn't so important is becomes illrelavent once you have a "LANDING PERMISSION" stamp.
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