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Living in Japan for 5 weeks? 2008/9/17 23:17
How much money( in yen) do you think i would need a day?
I would have a host family and bus tickets coverd. I don't know where i'll be living but i would need some extra for tourist stuff.
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living costs 2008/9/18 11:58
that depends on where you are going to live. the tokyo area is of course more expensive than in other parts of japan. and of course depends it on your habits. do you like to go out, shopping, eating....
but good for you that you `ve got already accomodiation and transport. So i would say, that these are the two most exopensive things in japan.
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expenses 2008/9/18 15:08
If you only have to pay for a meal a day, when you are out on your own, you can get by with little money, like 3000-5000 yen a day, and that would include some small purchases. Count on 100 000 yen for 5 weeks,taking into account that nice clothes, electronics etc. are likely to be too expensive for you.
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vague question 2008/9/18 17:13

If you try to cut down, an average reasonable lunch costs less than 1000 yen a meal. If you stick to small portions sold at stores instead of restaurants, it will cost you even less.

However I'm not sure what you mean by "bus ticket." Most people in Japan rely on (commuter) trains rather than buses. Where buses are convenient, the area tends to be suburban. From the suburbs to a city center, it can sometimes cost more than 1000 yen one way for the train fare.

Other than this, I suppose you need to keep in mind expenses for souveniors both for you and for others at home, plus admission fees for museums and such in which you can check through their websites.

Just for reference, as an average adult, I try to estimate 10000 yen a day plus Bed and Breakfast when I'm touring and rely the rest on my credit card.

On a related note, if a family is offering you bed and meals for free, as a courtesy to them, you are expected to offer help around the house.
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tiny correction 2008/9/18 17:17
"I try to estimate 10000 yen a day plus Bed and Breakfast when I'm touring and rely the rest on my credit card.

Now, that was a bit mis-leading. I should have written, "I try to estimate 10000 yen a day plus Bed and Breakfast when I'm touring and rely most of it on my credit card."
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me too 2008/9/18 18:31
I'm actually on my 4th week of a 5week holiday in Japan.
Staying at my gf's place, I don't have to worry about meals and accommodation costs, so it's a plus.
But we live about an hr out of Tokyo and commuting costs can add up to 1500 yen return on average, with a metro pass. If I travel without the pass, it would cost me double that, sometimes more.
So far, I've managed to spend about 200000yen, that includes paying for most meals for both me and my gf (on outings) and all other touristy stuff around Tokyo and Osaka. So I recommend you bring about 300000yen, which should be more than enough.
I've bought quite alot of souvenirs and presents for about 10ppl back home and myself (still need to buy for more), so unless you're planning to buy souvenirs and presents for 20+ ppl, I'd say 300000yen is plenty.
I'd suggest when you go out, you also bring a small souvenir back home for the family you are staying with (as a thank you), just food/snacks/sweets is enough, they're everywhere so you won't have to look very hard.
Have fun!
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