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Buying a car and sending it to the US 2008/9/18 11:51
Would it be possible for a US citizen to buy a car in Japan while on vacation and send it back to the states? Just taking asking cause I don't think so.
by Dave03  

parking space 2008/9/18 12:26
The short answer is no.
To buy a car (new or used)in Japan from a regular show room or car lot you need a certificate showing you have a place to park it.
The way around this would be to buy it through an agent. It will cost your more but at least you can see it before you buy it.
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thanks 2008/9/18 14:14
That is what I thought... Thanks for answering so fast
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actually 2008/9/18 17:32
actually it is possible but it's not as easy as you think.

the buying of the car in japan is the easy part.

bringing the car to the US and registering it is difficult. you will not likely be able to do it for most types of vehicles. the reason is because the safety standards here in japan are different from those in the US. the transportation authority in the US will basically intercept your car at the port and crush it unless you can prove that individual car meets all safety requirements - i.e. it's a USDM model that was imported into japan and you're reimporting it to the US.
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